Moka Storage: Ideal for University Students, Homeowners and Businesses

Multibox offers affordable storage units in Moka, Mauritius.

Multibox, the leading storage company in Mauritius, currently has three branches on the island.

If you’re looking for storage in central Mauritius, our Moka storage facility – located at popular Bagatelle Mall – is the ideal option.

Where to find storage space in Moka, Mauritius

Our Moka storage facility is located in the Home and Leisure section of Bagatelle Mall, which is just off the M1.

What to expect of our Moka storage space

Our self-storage units are clean, dry and completely secure.

Once you rent a storage unit with us, you lock it and keep the key. All our facilities are protected by 24-hour CCTV monitoring and overnight security guards.

You can access a unit you hire at any time. If your need for space changes, you can also change the size of your unit at no extra charge.

Student storage in Mauritius

The Multibox branch at Bagatelle Mall is about a five-minute drive (2.5 km) from the University of Mauritius campus. It’s also near a number of the country’s educational institutes.

Just a few reasons why students may need our storage space:

  • to clear precious space in cramped student accommodation
  • to keep precious belongings safe if you’re in shared student digs
  • to keep bulky sports equipment, from surf boards to bikes, out the way until you need it
  • to avoid having to lug your belongings around during holidays and at year end.

Storage near Ebene Cybercity

Our Moka self-storage facility offers ideal storage space for businesses and individuals who work in nearby Ebene Cybercity. This IT and business hub is just five minutes (3.2 km) away.

Businesses may use our affordable storage space to store archived documents, inventory, equipment, supplies and more.

Self-storage for businesses can have these advantages:

  • Cost Savings
    Using our self-storage is much cheaper than traditional warehousing. It may also enable your business to operate from smaller premises. This can save on retail and office space costs.

  • Increased Security
    Important documents, stock and supplies are safer in our secure storage facility than in comparatively open retail premises, offices or homes.

  • Greater Flexibility
    There’s no need to sign a long lease. If your need for space changes, you can move into a smaller or bigger unit, or move out, with just a month’s notice.

  • Location Near Consumer Hubs
    Using our Moka storage facility may enable your business to store stock near key target markets, without having to fork out on expensive property rental.

Household items and furniture storage in Moka

Homeowners may need extra storage space for a number of reasons.

For example, our self-storage units are useful for:

  • storing clutter when your home is being remodelled, decorated or shown to potential buyers
  • keeping breakable and unnecessary items out the way when you’re moving home
  • securely storing important documents, such as tax records
  • keeping your belongings secure when you’re away on holiday or business
  • storing bulky sports equipment, hobby items and seasonal holiday decorations
  • storing furniture you don’t need until you’re ready to sell or donate it.

Storage near Port Louis

Our Moka storage facility is about 12 km from Port Louis. It’s an easy 20-minute drive away.

An alternative: Moka container rental

Do you need secure storage space on a work site, on business premises or near a home office? One alternative is to rent a container.

Multibox offers affordable hire of steel shipping containers. These containers are ideal for storing equipment, inventory, supplies, workers’ uniforms and so on.

Ready-made container offices and container ablution blocks are also available for rent.

Containers are portable, weather resistant and vandal-proof, and suitable for outdoor use. They’re a faster, cheaper and more flexible alternative than brick and mortar structures.

At Multibox, we provide affordable, secure, impeccably clean self-storage units, ideal for storing business documents and equipment. Our Moka storage facility is located at Bagatelle Mall, and we have branches in Bambous and Forbach.

Contact us online or call us on +230-468-1201 for more information.