Location de Conteneurs

Do you need a safe place to store things on a construction site, at home or at the office ? Do you want to avoid the hassle and expense of purchasing your own container ?

Multibox offers a vast range of containers for hire, deliverable to your premises. The steel shipping containers we provide are portable, weather resistant, vandal-proof and suitable for outdoor use.

Conteneurs de stockage

Store your belongings safely in our 20ft water tight containers. Ventilation not included. 

Conteneurs aménagés en bureaux

Our 20ft office containers are equipped with air conditioning, windows and doors, bringing you the ‘office feel’ on-site.

Conteneurs avec toilettes

Add toilet facilities to your site with our 20ft Ablution Containers. Our containers come equipped with up to 6 toilets and are delivered with a septic tank. 



Tous nos conteneurs à louer mesurent 20 pieds (6,1 m x 2,44 m x 2,59 m)


Nous organisons le transport du conteneur jusqu'à vos locaux. Le prix varie en fonction de votre emplacement sur l'île.


Nous réclamons une caution remboursable pour toute location de conteneurs.