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Multibox is the leading self-storage and container provider in Mauritius.

Whether you need to store just a few personal items, stock or equipment for your
business or the contents of a home, we can help.

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We offer cost-effective storage solutions for your household or business!
Stockage en Libre-Service
Self storage is a great way to free up some space in your garage, at home or at the office. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your goods are in safe hands and that you can access them as often as you like, anytime at all.
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Location de Conteneurs
Vous avez besoin d'un endroit sûr pour stocker vos affaires sur un chantier, à la maison ou au bureau ?

Vous voulez éviter les tracas et les dépenses liés à l'achat de votre propre conteneurs ? Multibox propose une vaste gamme de conteneurs à louer.

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