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Storing Diwali and Christmas Decorations - Share

Find out how best to store Diwali and Christmas decorations.

Diwali and Christmas are seasonal celebrations, both enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Mauritians. Along with feasts and festivities, the holidays are announced with fireworks, candles, illuminated figurines and colourful decorations.

At the end of it all, event organisers, hotels, retailers and private households have to pack away seasonal decorations – the bits and baubles, Diwali lamps and Christmas lights – until the following year.

Festive decorations are usually fragile items that require special care and packing techniques. Here are our top tips on how best to store Diwali and Christmas decorations.

Assess, repair or replace

Before you pack the decorations away, examine each item and discard broken ones. Check that each string of lights is in working order, and repair as required. Replace dead bulbs before storing.

Alternatively, make a list of inventory items that have to be replaced when you next take the ornaments out of storage. Carry out the same procedure with the illuminated Christmas decorations designed for outdoors.

Ensure electrical extension cords are functioning optimally and safely.

Organise seasonal decorations according to type

Organise the decorations according to type; fragile glass and ceramic ornaments, wreaths, Xmas or nativity figurines, tinsel and garland, and outdoor and indoor lights. Allocate one or more containers to each group, and clearly label the containers.

Avoid using cardboard boxes for delicate items such as lamps, glass baubles and lights. Opt for durable plastic packing boxes instead.

Once you have sorted the Diwali and Christmas decorations into categories, you can more easily apply our type-specific packing tips.

Fragile ornament storage tips

We recommend you individually wrap fragile items in bubble wrap. Pack them in rows and according to size, with the larger and heavier items at the bottom of the rigid plastic packing boxes.

Fill any spaces with soft malleable decorations, such as tinsel or packets of rangoli powder. Seal and label the containers and store delicate item boxes at the top of storage stacks.

Heavier and more robust items can be stored in their original packaging in standard packing crates.

How to store Christmas and Diwali lights

Carefully wind each string of lights around a central post or sturdy cardboard tube. This will ensure they don’t get tangled up in storage.

Put a few extra bulbs in a small Ziploc bag, and loosely wrap the lights, post and bulbs in bubble wrap. Seal each end with adhesive tape and store in a labelled plastic container.

Repeat the process with each set of indoor and outdoor lights. Fill up the containers with wrapping paper, tinsel and other lightweight items.

Tips for storing Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees are usually collapsible and easy to store in their original boxes or packaging. If you’re a retailer or event organiser, the best way to store multiple trees is in horizontal stacks on the floor.

If you are keeping just one or two Christmas trees, a practical solution is to store them partially decorated. Although you will have to remove breakable items, you can leave the sturdier decorations in place until the following year.

We recommend you cover each tree with a loose fitting plastic bag and store upright in a quiet corner of the attic, storage unit or warehouse.

Self-storage for seasonal decorations

Finding space to accommodate left-over Christmas inventory or hunting down a spare closet in your home, class room, hotel or office in which to stash Diwali decorations isn’t necessarily the best solution.

At Multibox, we offer affordable, secure storage units, ideal for storing business and household items – including seasonal Diwali and Christmas decorations. This means you can keep treasured decorations safe without sacrificing needed space.

Contact us for a quote or more information, and we'll be delighted to assist.