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You might need to store furniture for a number of reasons. You might need certain pieces out of the way before or after a move, when renovating your home or while you're away.

You might need to store furniture for a number of reasons. You might need certain pieces out of the way before or after a move, when renovating your home or while you're away.

You might also need temporary storage for furniture you're planning to sell or give to family or a friend.

Affordable furniture storage with Multibox

Worldwide, the self-storage industry is massive, and furniture storage is one of the main reasons people use it.

Here in Mauritius, Multibox is leading the way, with clean, affordable storage units that are ideal for storing furniture and other household items.

There's no need to commit to a long lease – our terms are flexible – and you can access a unit you hire at any time. You lock the unit and keep the key. All our facilities are highly secure and feature 24-hour CCTV monitoring.

Useful guidelines for storing furniture

Whether you store furniture with us or elsewhere, following these guidelines can help ensure it stays in top condition.

Clean furniture before storing it

It's a good idea to clean all upholstered furniture before storing it, to ensure it doesn’t become a haven for bacteria, pathogens, mildew and mould.

You can use an anti-bacterial cleaning product, following the manufacturer's directions, or follow these cleaning tips for different material types:


Wipe with a clean cloth or sponge dipped in a solution of water and dishwashing liquid, and then allow to dry. Add a few drops of olive oil or special leather oil to a soft dry cloth, and apply to moisturise and protect the leather.


Vacuum and then clean with a standard upholstery cleaner. To remove stains, try a commercial upholstery stain remover or a weak solution of tepid water and white vinegar – but always test on a small, inconspicuous corner first, in case this has a bleaching effect. Finally, consider applying a fabric protector for extra protection.

Linen, silk or wool

These fabrics are easily damaged by water and/or scrubbing, so use a professional upholstery cleaning company or follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Always ensure that your furniture is completely dry before wrapping or storing it, to prevent mould.

Take pieces apart if possible

A lot of pieces of furniture have removable legs or arms. To keep furniture safe and so that it takes up less room, it's best to remove these and wrap them securely.

Keep any nuts and bolts in a clearly labelled plastic container or Ziploc bag, together with the item of furniture they came from.

Use the correct packing material

It’s good practice to line the bottom of the storage unit with a blanket for added protection. This may help prevent scratches to furniture.

Ensure that legs and corners of furniture are protected from scratches and knocks with cardboard or bubble wrap.

Note that it's best not to wrap furniture completely in plastic for long-term storage. This can cause condensation, which in turn may encourage mould and mildew.

Pack your storage unit carefully

When packing a storage unit, some common sense principles apply – aim to put larger, heavier items towards the back, and avoid placing them on other items they could strain, mark or scratch.

If you plan to stack items on top of furniture, protect the furniture with a blanket or other fabric cushioning material, to prevent condensation and scratches.

When packing a large storage unit, leave space for a narrow aisle, to make it easier to retrieve particular items if you find you need them later.

Generally, don't store a mattress on its side for long, or it may sag. Instead, aim to store mattresses flat or rotate them every couple of weeks.

At Multibox, we offer storage units in a wide range of sizes, at our Bagatelle Mall branch and at branches in Forbach and Bambous. Contact us online or call us on (+230) 468 1201/02 for affordable storage of furniture and other items.