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Clever Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas - Share

Clever ideas for storing holiday decorations so they don’t get damaged.

Putting up decorations is always more fun than having to take them down again! However, it pays to pack and store decorations carefully. That way, they’ll be in good shape next time you need them.

Especially for businesses and institutions – from restaurants and retail outlets to schools or guesthouses – it’s also convenient to store decorations offsite.

Egg box for storing fragile ornaments


Source: Twitter

For preserving fragile Christmas baubles and ornaments, a cardboard egg box is just the thing. Egg boxes come in different sizes (with 6, 18, 24 or 30 cups), and can easily be stacked one on top of the other.

Power extension reels for storing Christmas lights


Source: Tree Keeper Bag

Christmas lights may be an essential component for creating the warm, magical ambience required for the holidays. Nonetheless, they can be a real headache to untangle and hang.

Instead of simply shoving them in a bag this year, it’s worth carefully winding them onto a power extension reel. Then place them in a sturdy box for storage.

Next year, it will be quick, easy and satisfying simply to unwind the lights, with no tangles.

Plastic soft drink bottles for storing baubles


Source: One Crazy House

Large plastic soft drink bottles can double as fully sealable containers for the small, shiny stuff from the tree. 

Multiple plastic soda bottles can easily be stored together, in a purpose-designed cold drink crate. 

Plastic-wrap the Christmas tree


Source: Hometalk

There is even an easier way of dealing with the seasonal sweat of setting up a Christmas tree – albeit missing some of the magic of the season.

It’s possible simply to wrap a whole Christmas tree, with decorations still intact, in heavy duty plastic wrap.

Next year, you can simply cut the tree out of the plastic and have it up in no time at all. This is a quick option for owners of busy restaurants, retail outlets and other businesses.

Large glass jars for storing tinsel


Source: Two Twenty One

Tinsel is one of the easier types of decorations to store. Storing it in a glass or other transparent container is convenient, though. It means you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for next time the tinsel is needed.

If you pop it into a glass jar, paired with a few other shiny seasonal baubles, the vessel itself becomes an attractive holiday décor item.

Storing gift wrap in a garment bag


Source: Wrapping Paper Store

It’s not just Christmas decoration storage that poses a challenge. Rolls and rolls of gift wrap also take up a lot of space and need to be suitable protected so they don’t get damaged.

A great way to store single sheets of wrapping paper is in a garment bag – preferably one that has a multi--garment hanger. This prevents the ends from getting crinkled and torn.

Double-sided garment bags are even more efficient. You can pop ribbons and paper off-cuts into the smaller clear plastic holders and put full-length rolls of gift wrap into side pockets.

Holiday decoration storage with Multibox

A self-storage unit is ideal for storing decorations, whether for Diwali, Christmas or other holidays.

With self-storage, you can keep decorations safe and out the way. You’ll also save valuable space at home or on business premises. Decorations tend to take up more space than you think!

At Multibox, we provide affordable, secure, impeccably clean self-storage units, ideal for Diwali and Christmas decoration storage. We also offer a range of packaging supplies, suitable for protecting ornaments.

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