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5 Benefits of Self-Storage You Might Not Have Considered - Share

Some advantages of self-storage you might not have considered, for personal and business items.

Worldwide, and now here in Mauritius, the self-storage industry offers an easy and affordable solution to storage space shortages, at home and in the office.

We outline potential benefits of the self-storage industry, some of which you might not have considered.

1. Advanced security

Self-storage facilities are specifically geared towards security. Storage units are designed to be near-impenetrable without the key and have only one access point. Facilities also limit who can get in, with strict access control, and ensure that the perimeter is secured with electric fencing.

By comparison, storing items in your garage at home, for example, isn’t nearly as secure as a facility that has CCTV cameras and 24-hour security guards. For extra protection, your storage unit is locked with your own lock for which only you hold the key.

2. Flexibility

Independent storage space, such as someone’s unused garage or a spare office in a business park, comes at a fixed size. If your storage needs grow or change, your options are somewhat limited. You can rent a bigger space, but you can’t always get out of that first lease agreement, and renting two storage spaces is an unnecessary expense.

When you rent from a self-storage facility, you can change the size of your storage unit at any time without worrying about being penalised. If you no longer need as much space, you can ask for a smaller unit. Likewise, if your needs grow, there are bigger units available to upgrade to.

3. Storage for short-term rentals

Renting out your spare room is a great way to make extra money during the busy season. However, you might get stuck if there are items in the room that you’d like to clear out before you let someone stay in it. Where to store these items when space is at a premium?

Self-storage units can be rented on a flexible basis instead of a lengthy fixed term. This makes them ideal for short term storage when you need to make space for guests. Once you no longer need the unit, you can move your stuff back out of storage without worrying about cancellation fees or penalties.

4. Off-site inventory or archive storage

Inventory is the life-blood of a lot of businesses, and it would be crippling if it were damaged or lost. Having your inventory stored in a highly secure, off-site location reduces the risk of total loss. If your retail shop or restaurant were to burn down, for example, your inventory would still be safe in its second location.

The same applies to businesses that need to securely store records or archives as a vital part of their operations. A clean and secure off-site location will help prevent a complete loss of essential assets in the event of major theft, natural disaster, flooding or fire.

5. Affordability

Self-storage can save you money in a number of surprising ways. Due to its flexible nature, self-storage needn’t be expensive. You can choose the right size storage unit for your needs and rent it on flexible terms. You can also downgrade or upgrade the size of your unit at no extra charge.

When compared to renting a space privately, where there are no size options, or renting storage space in an office block, where lengthy lease agreements are required, self-storage is the more affordable option by far.

At Multibox, we provide affordable, secure self-storage units, ideal for storing personal and business items. We have branches at Bagatelle Mall and in Bambous and Forbach.

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