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16 Clever Kitchen Storage Tricks - Share

Your kitchen could sometimes resemble a battlefield after all the cooking is over. Here are some clever storage tricks to keep the peace.

Whether you’re a small space chef or the owner of an expansive kitchen with all the mod cons, it pays to get creative when it comes to storing and organising your gear.

Here are 16 crafty kitchen storage tricks that’ll give you the freedom to do what you do best… creating tantalising, taste bud-twisting, gastronomic delights:

Install stainless steel rails


Source: Holadecors


Install a standalone stainless-steel rail in your kitchen, at shoulder height, and you’ll have easy access to the tools of your trade – no bending or stretching required.

Repurpose shutters


Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things


Tart up an old window shutter or louvre door, and you can organise your kitchen utensils, and make a trendy design statement at the same time.

Add freestanding shelves


Source: Bon Appétit


Attractive, utilitarian and mobile, freestanding open shelving with a classic twist is a practical solution for the busy butcher, baker and pastry maker.

Maximize space with creative shelving concepts


Source: Pinterest


Concept shelving that maximises unused space is an economical way of expanding kitchen storage, without compromising epicurean efficiency.

Upcycle old wooden wine boxes


Source: TopBuzz


Robust, aromatic and with a rustic charm, old wine boxes and champagne crates can be repurposed for multiple kitchen storage applications.

Baskets for cutting boards


Source: Pinterest


Wicker baskets provide the ideal reach-in storage solution for multi-sized cutting boards.

Build a slimline slide out pantry


Source: Classy Clutter


This slim and nifty DIY pantry slides neatly between the fridge and kitchen wall, and is hidden from view when not in use.

Store pans horizontally


Source: Pinterest


You can save space, and bring order to the kitchen, by storing pots, pans, pot lids and baking trays horizontally, instead of in unwieldly stacks.

Whack stuff above the window


Source: City Farmhouse


With a well-placed window shelf, you can utilise the dead space above the kitchen window, or you can create a stunning sash-effect.

Add a touch of class with a vintage armoire pantry


Source: decoist


A lovely old antique armoire, repurposed as a pantry, is just the thing for a classic, cottagey kitchen.

Unique DIY knife storage


Source: A Craft Mix


Now that Kindle is the predominant readers’ choice, how about old hollowed out hardback novels, neatly tide up in twine, as a wonderfully creative DIY knife storage solution?

Repurpose the ladder


Source: Fab from Drab


An unused ladder, suspended horizontally from the kitchen ceiling, can act as makeshift shelf, and a ‘hook-and-hang ‘em’ tool.

Under-counter wine storage for tipplers




Slick, elegant and accessible, the built-in under-counter wine rack is for those of us who indulge, unashamedly, in bacchanalian behaviour.

Built-in paper towel holder


Source: Atticmag


A recessed holder for paper kitchen towels is a neat and natty way of incorporating what is a necessary dab-and-wipe requirement into any family kitchen.

Plate holders for precision storage


Source: iHeart Organizing


Plate holders are the safest, and most convenient way of stacking same-sized plates on flat surfaces and in drawers.

Table top ice ‘bucket’


Source: Pinterest


How about an ice bucket, carved into the counter top, for perfectly chilled wine that can be snatched and swigged while doing odd jobs around the kitchen?

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