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Affordable Shipping Container Offices: Ideal for Mauritian Entrepreneurs - Share

Entrepreneurs in Mauritius get to choose the most affordable and flexible business space with cleverly converted shipping container offices.

Comfortable, versatile and low-cost, our shipping container offices are spacious, turn-key work spaces.

Along with their tough, modular structure and limitless design flexibility, these innovative business-oriented units are easy to relocate, enabling entrepreneurs in Mauritius to capitalize on cross-island market demand.

Business solutions by Multibox: mobile office and storage space

At Multibox, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of informal traders, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

As a result, we've come up with two core mobile work spaces that are available as standalone rental units but can just as easily be used in tandem, on the same site, to provide a full-circle business solution. They are:

  1. ready-to-use offices tailor-made for multiple business applications, and
  2. lockable, water resistant and tamper-proof 20-foot storage containers ideal for storing equipment, tools, machinery and inventory.

In this article we look at the key features of Multibox container offices and storage units, and why they are the ideal retail, administrative and job site solutions for independent business people.

Cost effective

Building, renting or buying office or warehousing space is one of the largest business overhead expenses. All require liquidity and a long-term commitment. As we all know, access to funds is a major stumbling block for entrepreneurs in Mauritius.

At Multibox, cash-strapped business owners can rent spacious 20-foot containers at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar premises. Rental terms are month-to-month, and we'll deliver containers to premises anywhere on the island.

Instant operability

Multibox shipping container offices have been repurposed into fully functional work spaces that are modern, insulated, secure and well-ventilated.

Windows, doors, electrical plug points, overhead lighting and wooden floors are standard design features in all our offices.

That means you can literally start operating your business from the moment the rental unit has been placed on-site.


The shipping container is the original long-distance transport solution compatible with all modes of transport, from flat-bed trucks and trains to container vessels. As such, our reconfigured container offices and storage units are as portable, and can easily be moved from site to site.

Mauritian entrepreneurs who rent our ready-to-use office and storage space have absolute freedom as regards site placement.

Units can be conveniently positioned close to public transport, or areas with high pedestrian traffic, such as shopping malls, beaches, and popular tourist destinations.

As Multibox branches are located in Forbach, Bagatelle Mall and Bambous; business owners can easily access our affordable high-end offices and storage strong-boxes in key Mauritius business hubs, and relocate according to market demand.


The modular design and mobility of shipping container storage and office solutions by Multibox means that entrepreneurs can easily upscale space to match business expansion.

Units can be stacked on top of each other, or placed side-by-side, to create the space required to accommodate more staff, equipment or inventory.

During economic downturns, or at the end of the tourist season, business owners can easily downscale office and/or storage space, along with operations.

At Multibox, we provide affordable, secure, impeccably clean self-storage units, ideal for storing business documents and equipment. We have branches at Bagatelle Mall and in Bambous and Forbach.

Contact us online or call us on +230-468-1201 for more information.