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8 Brilliant Ways to Organise and Store Children’s Toys - Share

Eight easy, practical ways to organise and store children’s toys while reducing clutter at home.

If you have children, you’ve probably stepped on more than your share of Lego pieces, metal cars or doll accessories. With the holiday gift-giving season just over, it’s likely you’ll have to find space at home for storing even more children’s toys.

We offer eight simple but clever ways to organise and store children’s toys, to reduce clutter at home.

1. Organized bath toys


Image source: Pinterest

Bath toys can give children hours of fun, but they also quickly add clutter to a bathroom.

For an easy solution, place a shower curtain rod on the wall, along the side of the tub. Then secure some small plastic berry crates to the rod with a few zip ties. You and the kids can then easily store and access the bath toys.

2. Books in baskets


Image source: Pinterest

If you have a bookworm in your home, well done! Encouraging children to read is setting them on the right path to do well academically, and to enjoy a lifetime of stories.

However, children’s rooms don’t necessarily include a lot of space for storing books. Also, bookshelves can put young children at risk – they may topple if climbed.

Inexpensive wire baskets are an easy, safe, practical alternative. Simply hang the baskets and use them to store the books.

3. Storing children’s artworks


Image source: Pinterest

Ever wondered what to do with all the art your little Picasso creates?

Instead of having a wall riddled with putty or plastic adhesive residue, try this idea. Attach a string between the two ends of an empty, large picture frame. Then use pegs to hang the pictures from the string.

You can easily add and change pictures as new artworks are completed, without ruining the paint job on your walls.

4. Magnetic car holders


Image source: Pinterest

One of the best ideas for organising and storing children’s metal toys is to use magnets.

Toys cars can be a nuisance and a safety hazard if left lying on the floor. Rectangular magnets are perfect for storing cars – they’re less likely to roll away than most other storing methods and can have a decorative effect.

Your children are also likely to have fun putting their cars away because of the effect of the magnets.

5. Storing children’s toys using PVC pipe


Image source: Pinterest

Try gluing several short lengths of PVC pipe into a wooden storage box. You could also paint the ends of the pipe to add some colour.

You can then neatly store your child’s stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, or action figures in the pipes. You can also store children’s footwear in this way.

6. Store toys in shoe organisers


Image source: Pinterest

A shoe organiser is a quick and easy way to store all kinds of toys, as well as art and craft supplies. You can hang an organiser you use to store toys on a door or wall, or inside a cupboard.

7. Fruit baskets for vertical storage


Image source: Pinterest

Tiered fruit baskets make good use of vertical space and are ideal for keeping children’s’ toys out of the way. You can hang the baskets from a curtain rail or, if you want to store bath toys, from a shower rail.

8. Quick-fix bed sling


Image source: Pinterest

Using some netting attached to the side of your child’s bed, you can create a bed sling. This will make it quick and easy for you or your child to store favourite stuffed toys or bedtime books.

This idea is especially useful for those who don’t have a bedside table and have limited space in the bedroom.

Self-storage for children’s toys

You might have toys and children’s furniture that you don’t currently need but want to keep.

For example, you might have items that an older child has outgrown but that will come in handy once a younger brother or sister is old enough. You might want to keep certain toys and artwork for sentimental reasons – or need to store children’s toys or equipment that’s used only on a seasonal basis.

In cases like these, self-storage is a convenient, affordable solution.

You can also use self-storage to store children's artwork, sports gear and other items you don't want to get rid of but that take up a lot of space at home.

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