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Advice from Mauritian Entrepreneurs: What It Takes to Succeed - Share

Draw some motivation from these inspirational Mauritian entrepreneurs to make your business a success.

Starting a business is no small feat but with an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive attitude, opportunities are plentiful in Mauritius. We consider some local entrepreneurs and how they’ve made their ventures successful.

Entrepreneurship in Mauritius

To say entrepreneurship drives the economy in Mauritius is no overstatement. A report from the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) notes that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute approximately 40% of the GDP and employ as many as 300,000 people – about 55% of total employment.

After talking with entrepreneurs who participated in the study, the report also identified five key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

  1. having a solid, long-term vision
  2. being passionate about your vision
  3. being determined
  4. being adaptable
  5. listening to your customers’ needs.

Advice from Mauritian entrepreneurs

Here’s what some local entrepreneurs had to say about running their businesses, and about entrepreneurship generally, in Mauritius.

Karrim Abbasakoor

Karrim Abbasakoor is the founder and managing director of Car Club Ltd. in Mauritius. As a former chartered accountant, Karrim took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur.

He says there is an abundance of opportunity for young people in Mauritius but only for those brave enough to give it a shot. “They might just be a little scared. It’s a shame. There is a place in the market for young people,” he says.

Roomila Roothoorodoo

Roomila Roothoorodoo is a young Mauritian entrepreneur who started a photography and videography business in 2009 called Focus Events. Even though she doesn’t consider herself to be from an entrepreneurial background, she always knew she wanted to start her own business. She says that with fewer jobs available, entrepreneurship is a good opportunity for young people, but they mustn’t think it’s a walk in the park.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to be ready for sacrifice, especially when your services are entertainment related […] a disciplined mind is important, as one needs not only to have a strong head on one’s shoulder but also have a good sense of respecting the audience and client."

“If you are attentive to your client and provide what asked for, you can be sure of having client satisfaction which is more than the pay at the end.”

Aisha Allee

Aisha Allee started a PR agency in 2004 in her home study with “crappy dial-up Internet connection, a fax machine that had seen better days, an old laptop, a cranky car”. She is now also the CEO of The Jupiter Drawing Room in Port Louis. In 2014 Aisha won the coveted Tecoma AfriAsia Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Aisha believes in hard work, discipline, loyalty and integrity. “The idea today is no longer to please customers but to go beyond their expectations. In addition, we need to innovate all the time. In our world, things move quickly and it is imperative to question ourselves often and to propose innovative solutions to our customers,” Aisha says.

Veda Sunassee

As Head of College and formerly Leadership & Entrepreneurship Faculty member for the African Leadership University, Veda Sunassee has spent most of his career focusing on education and support for the next generation of leaders in Mauritius and Africa.

Veda considers himself an educator and says the best learning and leadership comes from empathy. “Effective leadership isn’t about telling others what to do. It takes emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy; it requires an ability to communicate effectively and respectfully,” he says.

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