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Multibox offers convenient, affordable storage of household and office furniture in Mauritius.

Furniture is one of the types of items that people most commonly need to store in Mauritius.

Whether you’re moving home, renting out space or have recently bought new items, you may need furniture like couches, dining room tables, beds, wardrobes, cabinets and more out the way until you’re ready to rehouse, sell or donate them.

Businesses may also opt to store furniture such as spare office chairs and desks, or extra tables and chairs that aren’t needed outside the peak tourist season.

Why use furniture storage

Death, divorce and renovations to a home or office are some of the major reasons behind furniture storage. In the first two examples, you usually have to clear out the home relatively quickly, and put it on the market.

As self-storage is available immediately, and billed on a month-to-month basis, it's the ideal halfway house for furnishings until they too are sold, moved to new premises or integrated back into the revamped living or work space.

Alternatively, you may be downscaling to smaller premises, working overseas on a year's contract, or letting out your grown-up children's bedrooms over the languid summer months.

Whatever your motivation is to store all or part of the furniture, you are now rest assured of finding a suitably clean, dry and hygienic self-storage unit in one of three Multibox branches on the island.

Top furniture storage tips

To keep furniture in good condition while it’s in storage, it’s best to take these steps:

1. Clean it properly

Wipe down furniture, removing dust, grease and any dirt spots.

2. Apply a protective coating if relevant

It’s a good idea to protect wooden furniture by applying furniture polish or oil. Similarly, apply leather conditioner or cream to leather, and consider applying a fabric protector – usually available in the form of a spray – to upholstery.

3. Disassemble components or attachments

Generally, it’s best to remove drawers, headboards, table legs, cushions and other detachable components from items of furniture. Store nuts, bolts and hinges in sealable, clearly labelled bags and wrap fragile parts, such as table legs, glass tops and lamp shades, in bubble wrap. Disassembling furniture makes it easier to pack and move, and less susceptible to damage. However, note that it’s not a good idea to attempt disassembling antique furniture, in case this results in damage to fragile joinery or parts.

4. Protect corners

You can protect the corners of dressers, desks and tables by sticking pieces of cardboard to them.

5. Cover in a breathable, soft fabric

Covering furniture helps protect it from scratches and dents. However, never use plastic, which traps moisture. This could damage wood or leather and encourage the growth of mould and mildew. Instead, opt for a furniture blanket or dust cover.

6. If possible, store the items off the ground on wooden pallets – or place on top of blankets.

Benefits of using Multibox for furniture storage

Multibox offers affordable self-storage units in a range of sizes, from 5m2 to 20 m2. These units are clean, dry and ideal for storing furniture, from single items to full household contents.

For customers’ peace of mind, our premises are protected by round-the-clock security and CCTV monitoring. Also, customers lock their own units and keep the keys.

There’s no need to be locked into a long-term contract – simply pay for the storage space you require on a month-to-month basis.

We have a branch in the Home and Leisure section of Bagatelle Mall, as well as branches in Bambous and Forbach. Contact us online or call us on +230-468-1201 for more information or to discuss your furniture storage needs.