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8 Ways Self-Storage Could Help Your Business Save Money - Share

In Mauritius, self-storage could help your business save money.

As a business owner, you'll know how difficult it is to make a profit. Overheads like office and warehouse rentals, logistics costs, council rates, and inventory and equipment insurance erode the bottom line.

Now, with business expenses constantly on the rise, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking at self-storage as a viable means of saving money.

Here we cover eight ways self-storage in Mauritius can help small to medium businesses reduce overheads, boost profits and be more agile.

1. Save on expensive warehousing rentals

Self-storage is a low-cost alternative to warehousing space. It is also a more flexible option. You can rent space over the short term and on a unit by unit basis, ensuring you only pay for the floor area you actually use.

2. Safeguard stock and equipment with enhanced security

As part of a monthly self-storage rate, your business inventory, equipment, files and documents are protected by a slew of sophisticated security measures.

Services vary from CCTV monitoring to 24-hour security patrols. As a result, you can easily cut back on your business's security outlay by leaving high value items in the safe custody of one or more self-lockable storage units.

You can also save on insurance premiums. The leading suppliers of self-storage in Mauritius offer affordable policies through major insurance partners.

3. Upscale and downscale premises as the need arises

Most businesses are cyclical. There are boom periods followed by more sluggish phases. During the quiet times, you'll probably have to cut back on your inventory.

The great thing about self-storage is you can easily downscale to a smaller unit, and pay a lower rental rate, or upscale your total floor spaceā€¦ if and when the need arises.

4. Capitalise on short rental terms

Business turnover can be erratic, especially when you are starting out. The last thing you'll want is to be tied in to a long-term rental contract secured by a sizeable cash deposit, payable upfront.

Self-storage facilities operate on a month-to-month basis. Once your cash flow has stabilised, you can take advantage of the discounts that are usually offered on longer-term rental agreements.

5. Avoid local council rates

In addition to covering high rentals for conventional office and warehousing space, you'll also have to pay local council rates and utility bills.

With self-storage, you can avoid these extra costs and benefit from a cost effective fixed monthly rate.

6. Cut transport costs: relocate to your core market

By storing your supplies, stock, equipment and packaging materials at self-storage facilities located close to your primary market, you can cut back on logistics expenses.

The best storage suppliers are usually centrally located, close to major transport infrastructure and busy retail outlets.

7. Monetise surplus office space

One of the easiest ways to improve your business cash flow is to monetise the office or warehousing space you are not currently using.

By storing all the extraneous bits and pieces in a storage unit, you can clear the surplus space, and rent it out at double or even treble the monthly self-storage rate.

8. Limit operating expenses: combine office with depot

Self-storage facilities operate according to conventional working hours. Some even offer 24-hour access, and provide packaging materials as a value-added extra.

With the help of a mobile phone, you can lower your operating costs significantly by transforming a self-storage unit into your business HQ and distribution centre.

At Multibox, we provide affordable, secure, impeccably clean self-storage units, ideal for storing business documents and equipment. We have branches at Bagatelle Mall and in Bambous and Forbach. Contact us online or call us on +230-468-1201 for more information, or to discuss ways self-storage could help your business save money.