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Need to store office inventory or equipment? Multibox offers secure, affordable storage.

Even small businesses tend to accumulate office equipment over time, and this can end up cluttering home or business work premises.

Affordable self-storage is a viable solution for SMEs that want to free up space. Because clients can access their storage units whenever they choose, the units can serve like extra storage rooms – without requiring that business owners sacrifice space at home or pay to rent larger work premises.

Kinds of office equipment it’s suitable to store

As staff come and go and new items are purchased, companies tend to be left with extra office furniture, computer peripherals and components, stationery, appliances and so on.

Also, it’s sometimes cost-effective for businesses to buy more equipment or other items than they currently need. For example, a large batch of office furniture may be sold at an auction, and stationery may be much cheaper bought in bulk.

Self-storage units are dry, secure and clean. Provided they’re packed carefully, this makes them suitable for storing just about any office supplies or equipment.

Storage of office furniture

Furniture is one of the most commonly stored office items. Provided you protect vulnerable pieces from scratches and dents – for example, using a blanket – furniture can be stored indefinitely. Multibox offers units big enough for storing even comparatively large volumes of office furniture.

Storage of computer equipment and stationery

Provided basic guidelines for storing computer parts and sensitive components are followed, they can be safely kept in a self-storage unit.

Printers, for example, will need to have their cartridges removed. It’s best to store electronics in their original boxes so make sure you keep the packaging when you buy office electronics. Also make sure that any cables or wires are stored safely with the relevant items.

Storage of business documents and files

Businesses accumulate records over time, with folders and filing cabinets taking up increasing amounts of space.

An advantage of relocating these to a self-storage unit is security. Keeping important business records in a secure, offsite facility protects them from theft and damage.

Storage of business inventory

Business stock – from fabric to components or finished products – can take up a significant amount of space, without justifying investment in actual warehousing.

Instead, it may be more convenient and cost-effective to use self-storage. Security is already set up and doesn’t add more to costs; there’s no need to commit to a long lease; and it’s easy to come and go, fetching whatever’s required or storing additional items at any time during business hours.

Why store office equipment instead of selling it?

Part of the overall value of a business is the office equipment it owns. Having a stock of quality office equipment contributes to the value of your business.

It also ensures you have back-up stock if existing equipment gets broken or needs to be serviced, and if new staff join your company. Having to buy replacement equipment later on could cost a lot more – and it may be difficult to find exact replacements when the time comes.

Clearing out some of the clutter is not only good for efficiency; it will also mean you need less office space and may be able to save on rental costs.

What size unit to get

The size of unit you require will, of course, depend on what you want to store. As a guide, consider the following unit sizes and examples of their capacities:

  1. small (5 m2): easily accommodates sporting equipment and 10 medium packing boxes
  2. medium (7 m2): can accommodate a number of packing boxes and several pieces of furniture
  3. large (14 m2): suitable for the contents of a small office or a significant volume of stock
  4. extra-large (20 m2): can accommodate a large volume of office furniture or excess stock, or the contents of a large home.

It’s a good idea to take some time to pack a storage unit efficiently, to make optimal use of the space and so that specific items are easy to find if you need them later.

For example, store stackable items on top of one another, ensuring that anything breakable is at the top. Use the space under desks for boxed items, and stack lightweight items on desk surfaces.

It’s also best to keep bigger items at the back of a unit so they don’t block access to items behind them.

Office equipment storage with Multibox

Multibox offers secure, affordable storage units for businesses. The units are ideal for storing office equipment, including furniture, tools, electronics and appliances, as well as documents.

As the leading self-storage provider in Mauritius, we understand that storage needs vary. We offer a range of different size storage units. If you prefer to add extra storage capacity to your premises, we also offer affordable container hire.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your business storage needs.