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Multibox offers secure, affordable storage for catering companies and restaurants in Mauritius.

The low season can be hard on those in food industry businesses. Rent still needs to be paid, pantries stocked and employees compensated – without the high turnover of the peak season to support costs.

For entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses, one alternative is to downscale during the quieter months. It may also be viable to rent out premises for other uses, at least some of the time.

Either way, caterers and restaurant owners may have excess equipment, furniture and non-perishable supplies to store. At Multibox, we can help, with clean, affordable self-storage opposite Bagatelle Mall and in Forbach and Bambous.

Tips for managing the low season

Along with using self-storage for excess inventory and equipment, caterers, restaurateurs and food stall operators may use a number of other strategies to reduce costs and make the most of the low season.

Plan inventory

Careful management of inventory can help reduce off-season costs. For example, reduce spending on perishables and tweak menus to capitalise on inexpensive seasonal produce, bulk deals and products with long shelf-life.

Once a business has been running for several years, it’s easier to predict and plan inventory, based on actual demand in previous low seasons. It pays to keep proper records for later analysis.

Use extra time to market your business

Having some extra time on your hands can be a good opportunity to market your business, online and off. Use social media, plan campaigns for the peak season and consider promoting specials to attract more custom.

Also use the time to consider possible improvements. How you can make your business stand out, how could it run more efficiently and what else could you offer customers? What improvements could you make to your service, food and décor?

Improvements now may pay off once you’re back into the chaotic, busy season and are spending all your energy just in meeting demand.

Consider smaller premises

For restaurants, renting a small space with a nice outdoor area means you can use only the indoor area during the quiet months and expand into the outdoor area during peak season. Extra furniture, umbrellas and wind barriers can be stored securely until you need them again.

For catering companies, explore the option of renting a kitchen only when you need it rather than signing a long contract. Catering equipment can be put into storage in the meantime.

Reduce staff

During low season, it makes sense to cut back to a core team of permanent staff. Supplement with temporary staff for the peak season.

Open for shorter hours

If you can identify times of the day that are particularly quiet in the low season, consider closing for those times. This can help you save on overheads such as electricity. You can make it clear to permanent staff that there is the possibility of shorter hours during the quiet months.

If really necessary, consider closing for the season

Some restaurants and food stalls open only for certain portions of the year. Likewise, catering companies may opt to go dormant during times of very low demand for their services. You won't make any money, but you also won't be bled dry by overheads – and it’s possible you may use the time to focus on building another source of income.

More about Multibox self-storage in Mauritius

At Multibox, we provide affordable, secure, impeccably clean self-storage units, ideal for storing catering and restaurant equipment, furniture and supplies. Contact us online or call us on +230-468-1201 for more information.