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Storage of Boat, Surf, Dive and Fishing Equipment in Mauritius - Share

Keep your water sports and fishing equipment dry and in good condition by storing them correctly with Multibox.

Thanks to our clear waters and coral reefs, Mauritius is one of the water sports capitals of the world.

Boating, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing operations are important to the Mauritian economy, providing employment and tourist income. Water activities are also increasingly popular among Mauritians.

Low-season storage challenge

Whether you’re an individual water sports enthusiast, a resort owner or a surf, dive or boat operator, it can be a challenge to store boat, surf, dive and fishing equipment, along with wetsuits and other associated gear, once the high season draws to a close.

These types of equipment take up a lot of space and, because they’re valuable, must be kept in a secure location.

Even solo divers, surfers and fishermen have to store their equipment somewhere secure, to keep it in good condition and ready for next season. For small boating, surfing, diving and fishing businesses, finding suitable space can be especially challenging.

Proper storage of boat, surf, dive and fishing equipment

As well as protecting equipment from theft, it’s important to protect it from the elements. Over time, rain, wind, heat and direct sunlight can delaminate surfboards, break down rubber and neoprene materials and damage or even crack plastic, fibreglass and polyethylene hulls.

Ideally, aim to store boat, surf, dive and fishing equipment in a lockable, indoor facility.

Tips for storing all water sports and fishing equipment

Generally, it’s best to take the following steps before storing any water sports or fishing equipment:

  1. clean all equipment with plenty of fresh water to remove salt
  2. dry equipment completely
  3. in the case of fibreglass, repair any blisters to prevent further damage
  4. polish boards and lubricate moving parts on boats.

Storage tips for surfers

Follow these tips for storing wetsuits and surfboards:

  1. turn wetsuits inside out and preferably hang them on a thick plastic hanger so they maintain their form
  2. strip the wax off surfboards with a credit card or wax comb and apply a protective layer of lubricant, such as Q20, to the surface
  3. store boards in bags and horizontally, for example on a surfboard rack.

Diving equipment storage tips

Follow these tips for storing diving equipment:

  1. deep clean diving regulators and once dry, apply silicone spray to the mouthpieces
  2. wash diving masks, snorkels and flippers with warm soapy water and a sponge
  3. use an old toothbrush to remove sand and residue caught around the edges of masks
  4. allow clean equipment to dry thoroughly, with plenty of ventilation
  5. store in a diving bag or large, durable plastic container
  6. store oxygen tanks upright and with low pressure of around 200 to 300 psi.

Note that storage facilities may not agree to store compressed air for safety reasons.

Boat storage tips

We offer these tips for storing small boats:

  1. ensure the interior of the boat is clean, dry and odour-free
  2. apply fogging oil to the boat's engine, grease all the joints and moving parts and remove all drive belts
  3. remove the battery and store it at home on a low charge
  4. if possible, invest in a custom-made boat cover.

Why use self-storage for water sports equipment?

Self-storage is an affordable and flexible solution. It allows you to store water sports equipment for as long as you want and to pay only for the amount of storage space you use. You won’t be tied into a long lease, and you don’t have to rent a full garage or warehouse space.

At Multibox, we offer clean, dry storage units, ranging from the size of a small shed to the size of a garage or larger. The units are ideal for storing surfboards, kayaks, small boats, wetsuits, diving equipment and fishing gear.

All our facilities are secured by guards and 24-hour CCTV monitoring. You keep the key to your unit and can access it at any time during business hours – making it easy to retrieve gear whenever you need it.

Alternative to self-storage: rent a container

Instead of storing water sports equipment at a dedicated self-storage facility, you may choose to rent a steel shipping container – complete with a lockable door – so you can store the equipment securely on your own premises. This may be a cost-effective solution, especially for surf, dive and boat operators.

If you’re looking for secure, low-season storage of diving, boating, fishing and surfing gear, contact us at Multibox – we look forward to being of assistance.