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Mauritius Entrepreneur Success Stories - Share

We celebrate some of Mauritius's entrepreneurial success stories.

Entrepreneurship has always been part of our culture – and as businesses continue transforming in the digital era, it's playing an increasingly vital role in our country's economy.

In fact, it's estimated that upwards of 40% of Mauritius’s GDP currently comes from the contributions of local SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Meet the faces behind some of Mauritius's entrepreneur success stories.

Mario Guillot


Mario is an artist and entrepreneur who made a name for himself designing and printing t-shirts, which have now sold all around the world. Mario studied fashion design in France before working as a designer in Australia.

After eight years away, he decided to return home to Mauritius. Here he created his own t-shirt and jeans brand, IV Play. With the brand doing so well, Mario could focus more of his time on other projects, including furniture and house design.

Veda Sunassee


After graduating from Princeton, where he majored in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, Veda Sunassee returned to Mauritius to start the Young Volunteers Association. He became involved in social entrepreneurship and worked for the development of young Mauritian entrepreneurs.

He then went on to intern at Ashoka in Washington before joining the African Leadership Academy in Mauritius, where he is the Director of Student Life.

Nathalie Stemper


Nathalie is a self-proclaimed “yogipreneur” and business facilitator. Her impressive track record as an entrepreneur speaks for itself.

Her first entrepreneurial endeavour saw her managing artists and exhibitions all over Europe. Later, in Singapore, she started an Art and Design Channel that produced documentaries on art and design.

With Mauritian heritage on her mother’s side, Nathalie ultimately chose Mauritius as her home. She currently helps other entrepreneurs through Project Getaway. When she’s not mentoring local start-ups, Nathalie is a yoga and fitness instructor.

Thomas Mousseron


Thomas attended university and business school in Lyon before returning to Mauritius and working as a project and marketing manager in various fields, gaining experience in the business world.

In October 2016, he started Offissimmo, a real estate company specialising in offices, industrial space and commercial property in all regions of Mauritius. The company attributes its success to its emphasis on both expertise and personal attention.

Gaël Froget


Gaël is a young artist who was born in Mauritius in 1986. Gaël has a self-taught art style, which is described as somewhere between pop art and primitivism. His work attracted international attention after his first solo exhibition in 2013.

Art connoisseurs around the world have bought his artworks and he is gaining recognition as one of the most promising artists of his generation. His most recent exhibition was at the Urban Art Fair in New York in 2017.

Roomila Roothoorodoo


Roomila was fascinated by photography from a young age. After completing courses in digital photography, she and a group of friends launched Focus Events – a digital photography and videography company – in 2009.

Along with its other services, the company offers photography courses that are recognised by the MQA.

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