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Multibox offers an ideal offsite document storage solution for businesses.Multibox offers an ideal offsite document storage solution for businesses.

Digital document storage and cross-device file synching and sharing is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s tech-driven world.

Despite the convenience of the ‘cloud’, businesses continue to preserve and store hard copies of important documents; both as a back-up, and to satisfy corporate and legal compliance.

Document storage requirements for businesses

In Mauritius, companies are legally required to retain financial, accounting and transaction records for at least seven years. Businesses, worldwide, have to store invoices, statements, tax returns, payment records and other supporting documents, for a prolonged period of time.

Companies - whether startups, SMEs or large corporations - have to preserve the original hard copies of their founding documents, partnership agreements, bank statements and credit records.

Law firms store huge volumes of paperwork relating to criminal and civil cases, property transfers and the formal formation of private and public entities. Chartered accountants and auditors process and store their clients’ financial records, and medical professionals retain patient files for up to ten years.

Why store documents offsite?

As you can see, conventional document storage is still very much a key requirement in today’s business world. Space, security and accessibility are, however, always an issue.

This is where offsite document storage steps in. It’s a niche service designed to solve the problem of safeguarding the reams of sensitive paperwork that are always a part of doing business.

Here are three core reasons why more and more companies are storing documents offsite.


Your company probably doesn’t have sufficient space to accommodate the increasing number of filing cabinets required for in-house document storage. You can, of course, upgrade to larger premises. That, however, will mean higher monthly overheads and tighter profit margins – all for the sake of a bit of extra ‘dead’ space.

By storing documents offsite, you’ll benefit from a more organised and spacious work area. Your staff will be more productive, and your costs will remain at manageable levels – a pleasing combination for any astute business person!


Business documents usually contain sensitive data, such as names, addresses, ID numbers, banking details and tax numbers. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can be devastating.

In addition to breaches of security, documents stored in-house can easily be destroyed by fire, floods and other natural disasters.

Offsite document storage facilities, on the other hand, are protected by state of the art security. Premises are surrounded by physical barriers and monitored around the clock, access is restricted and document storage units are usually climate controlled, as well as flood- and fire-proof.


It takes time and effort to organise and archive paperwork. Most companies cannot afford the luxury of a full time file or document manager.

That generally means hard copies are simply stuffed into a cupboard, desk or filing cabinet. Accessing an important document can be especially trying.

When you store your documents offsite, you’ll usually organise them into labelled boxes. These boxes are then stacked in such a way that you can quickly, and easily, find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why use Multibox for document storage?

At Multibox, we provide affordable, secure, impeccably clean self-storage units, ideal for storing business documents and equipment. We have branches at Bagatelle Mall and in Bambous and Forbach.

Contact us online or call us on+230-468-1201 for more information.