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Selling a Home in Mauritius: Tips for Getting the Best Price - Share

It’s boom time for homeowners in Mauritius who want to put their properties on the market. Try our tips for securing the best price.

The Mauritius real estate market is booming. A recent amendment to the island’s Non-Citizens Act, which allows foreigners to invest in property anywhere on the island, is driving up demand.

Property owners are now in the enviable position of having a commodity everyone wants. If you’re selling your home in Mauritius, it’s a great time to be selling.

Best price selling tips

There are ways and means of enhancing your chances of hitting the property jackpot. Setting a realistic price, and showing off your house or apartment in the best possible light, can be the difference between a quick sale and a no sale.

Here are easy-to-implement tips and strategies that will help you sell your Mauritian home for ‘top dollar.’

Set the right price

Set the right asking price from the get-go. Compare the prices of similar properties in your area, and get current valuations from at least three different estate agents.

If the price is too high, you risk scaring off potential buyers. Despite the robust demand-driven residential property market in Mauritius, greed can be your undoing!

Make a great first impression

A good first impression is what sells a house. Make sure your garden is pristine and well-maintained. Plant a few flowering shrubs, cut the lawn and trim the edges.

Remove old garden furniture, bikes and children’s toys from the line of sight. Park your car in the garage or outside your premises so that potential buyers can appreciate the full scale of the property.

Self-store and stage your home

create a living space that’s minimalistic and free of clutter. Put excess furniture, clothing and personal items into self storage for the duration of the sale period. Multibox has clean, secure self-storage units available at branches around the island.

Repair holes in the walls, and replace broken kitchen and bathroom tiles, rusted door knobs and old tired carpets. Paint the walls a light neutral colour, and consider replacing outdated kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

Clean your home from top to bottom, strategically position mirrors to create an impression of space, and place fresh flowers in the living rooms and bedrooms.

Buyers want to imagine how their furniture and accessories will look in the house, so be sure to present them with a sparkling fresh and partially blank canvas.

Sell the lifestyle

Buyers don’t only want brick and mortar, they want a lifestyle. Mention any attractions within close proximity of your home.

Talk about the silence, lack of wind and friendly neighbourhood. If you are close to a beach, golf course or green belt or your garden is a favourite haunt of wild birds and animals, make special mention of the fact. In other words, sell the lifestyle.

Define the selling points

Identify unique selling points like schools, transport nodes, hospitals and shopping malls. Find out where the nearest police station, ambulance service and fire station are to your home.

Make a note of all the contact details, and the approximate distance from your property. Have the information readily available so that you can share it with prospective buyers.

Feature your property online

Post your home on as many property websites and mobile apps as you can. Sites like Rightmove and offer no-fee and low fee advertising packages to private sellers.

Property Cloud is a Mauritian real estate portal displaying the rental and sales portfolios of local property agents. You can showcase the best elements of your home in digital photographs and video, and reach a wide international audience interested in buying property in Mauritius.

Have a show house

A good way to generate lots of interest is to have an open house or show house. Attracting several buyers to the property at the same time often prompts serious enquiries and can create the ‘price war’ you’re looking for.

Multibox offers secure, affordable self-storage, ideal for storing clutter and personal possessions when your home is on show. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.