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    Self storage and container hire

    Multibox is the leading self-storage and container provider in Mauritius. Whether you need to store just a few personal items, stock or equipment for your business or the contents of a home, we can help.

    Self storage from Rs 2,550 a month

    Multibox offers cost-effective storage solutions for your household or business.

    Our self storage units are clean, dry and fully secure. You can access a unit you hire at any time – and if your need for space changes, you can change the size of your unit, at no extra charge.

    Find out more about our personal storage and business storage solutions, or contact us to discuss your storage needs.

    Container hire from Rs 4,000 a month

    Multibox offers affordable hire of steel shipping containers, including storage, office and ablution containers.

    The steel shipping containers we provide are portable, weather resistant and vandal-proof, and suitable for outdoor use.

    Hiring our containers container is a much faster, cheaper and more flexible alternative than building or expanding "brick and mortar" storage, office or ablution spaces.

    Find out more about our container hire services, or contact us for a quote now.